Save Our Tigers – A Campaign by Aircel and NDTV

This isn’t the first project to save tigers. But it’s certainly the most known and widespread one. Thanks to NDTV and Aircel for that. The latter started this campaign almost a year ago along with WWF-India, to initiate tiger conservation in India. Many national parks and natural forest areas house about a thousand tigers. In Thekkady, Periyar Tiger Reserve is known for its tiger population. A couple of projects have been successful in the area. Several new ones have sprung up on the heels of many NGOs.

The campaign garnered more support and reached out to more people after it joined hands with the media partner. They’ve neatly planned out agendas for various states in India, specific and pertaining to the environment, number of tigers, physical factors and other criteria. For example, in Tamil Nadu, like in other states, tourists are provided information about tiger conservation, relocation of tribal settlements outside core tiger habitat area and declaration of eco-sensitive zone around an existing tiger reserve to reduce tourism pressure and man-animal conflict.

Celebrities and actors have joined as ambassadors and endorsers for the campaign. Short films, documentaries, photo contests, kids’ programmes and seminars are being held to discuss various topics relating to tigers and their conservation in India. People can join the initiative by voting online, participating in contests and engaging in public programmes conducted by the Campaign.

In a further strategy, 13 nations that still house the tiger in their forests have come forward with an oath to double the number of the big cats in the wild by 2022. Several world summits on tiger conservation and protection have also strengthened the cause.

2 Responses to “Save Our Tigers – A Campaign by Aircel and NDTV”

  • atul gaurav says:

    save tigers for the god sake

  • Kalpana panue says:

    I AM A Kenyan Indian, have never been to India and so have never seen Indian Tiger xcept on Indian moves BUT this is no xcuse when it comes to saving animals. I belong to several animal societs and are always helping voluntarily look after them. Any act of killing an animal, miss treating them or trading them for transation is a grave sin in my opnion and this act MUST be condemned and the persons or people involved should be severly punished.

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