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New Nature Trail in Thekkady – Forest Dept Initiative

The Forest Department of Thekkady is planning to open a 2.5-km trekking path, ‘Nature Trail’, in the area. The path will start at the Thekkady gate and go on up to boat landing. The area will have information boards about plants and sculpted figures of animals endemic to the Periyar Tiger Reserve.

The work will be completed in three months, with a budget of 50 lakhs. This venture will be a boon to interested tourists, locals and researchers.

Important Things To Carry On A Trek…

What To Think Of When You Go Trekking

There are many things to be taken care of before you go trekking. Here’s a list of items you might wanna carry with you. Preparation for the trek is a practical thing to do.

Prepare well

Before you set out, find out as much as you can about your destination and its location, climate and facilities. Find the best season to travel to that particular place. Check out if there are forest watch towers or camps, in case of an emergency. It’s good to know the animals you might come across on a trek – try to read up about them.

Wear the right clothes

Light, airy clothes are best suited to go trekking. Have a well-ventilated, waterproof jacket with lots of pockets and a hood, preferably. It should be layered to stand the weather. Dark khaki trousers and a T-shirt will be perfect. Jeans are usually heavy to walk around in, especially if you’re gonna climb a hill or mountain. But if you can manage a not-too-heavy one, then go ahead. If it’s winter you plan to trek in, then the clothes need to be thicker and padded well.

Proper footwear for comfort

Walking shoes give you comfort and flexibility for walking. And they aren’t heavy either. But firm boots help you when you go walking in rocky terrain, supporting your feet and ankles well. It is also good for slippery and muddy areas. Don’t forget to pack extra pairs of socks.


Maps are the most important pieces of paper to be carried along for a trek. Use updated, detailed maps and photos to guide you to your destination. A compass and GPS device will also be great. Read the rest of this entry »

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