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Tiger and Rhino Conservation in Nepal – Forest Corridors To Help

Barandabhar Forest Corridor (BFC) plays a key role in the survival of Nepal’s Indian rhinos and Bengal tigers. The forest corridor links Chitwan National Park and the Mahabharat mountain range, also known as the Little Himalayas. The area is covered with forests, grasslands and wetlands. There are about 25 mammals, 96 species of birds and 223 species of flora. Also, it is home to 14 endangered species of birds and mammals, some of which are rhinos, tigers, leopards and three vulture species.

Inconsistent management policies and rampant deforestation are problems that face the proper functioning of the forest corridor. Social initiatives and involvement will help to sustain plant and animal life in the forests. Sustainable agriculture, medicinal plant and other non-timber forest product (NTFP) harvesting and wildlife tourism are tested methods that help to  conserve forests and its resources.

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