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International Conference On Bear Research And Management

Bears don’t usually hit headlines for conservation. But this piece of news is exciting – recently 26 states drew up action plans for conservation and welfare of bears. They will be released during the 21st international conference on bear research and management in Delhi soon.

Zoo authorities, wildlife institutes, societies, welfare associations and the  ministry of environment and forests were part of the meeting that discussed the national plan. It looks at topics such as bear habitats, threats, human-bear conflict, research work and conservation, and difficulties faced by the states in bear conservation. Bears are hunted for meat as well as their body parts traded in.

This is one animal found in all parts of the country. There are many varieties, too. It is interesting to note that four out of eight species of bears in the world are found in India – the Himalayan bear, the sloth bear, the Asiatic black bear and the sun bear.

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