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Vulture population rises in Moyar Valley in the Nilgiris

The NGO’s and authorities of the State Forest Department involved in the vulture conservation in the Moyar Valley in the Nilgiris are a happy lot. Number of endangered species of vultures is stabilizing. Several vulture nests were found in Semmanatham, Jallikadavu and Siriyur in the Nilgiris North Forest Division, where one can find four species of vultures: Oriental White-backed, Indian, Red-headed and White Scavenger vultures.

The Sigur Plateau, where the Moyar valley and river are located, is important for its elephant and tiger wildlife corridor between the Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats. It borders Bandipur National Park to the northwest, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary to the west, and Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary and Nilgiris East ranges to the east. The area is drained by the Moyar, Sigur, Avarahalla, Kedarhalla and Gundattihalla rivers.

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