Things To Do

Boating on Periyar Lake

Sit on the upper floor of the boat and watch the misty mountains around or spot a herd of elephants or a group of deer. The boat landing area also shops and a small museum nearby.


You have a variety of trekking options. Some last for a few hours while others span a few days, with stops and camping in the forests. There are three watch towers within the sanctuary which can be accessed after obtaining permission from the wildlife warden. Popular trekking spots are Nellikampetty, Pachakanam, Kochu Pampa, Kurisumala, Grampi, Ottakathalamedu and Pullumedu.


Tourists can go bamboo rafting on the lake. You will have guides, too. Anyone can operate a raft. It is a cool feeling – water flowing by and a gentle breeze to accompany you.

Plantation Tours

Spices and rubber plantations are plenty in Kumily. You can go on a plantation tour in any of the plantation here. You might even be able to buy freshly sorted spices. Walk among the rubber trees or cardamom fields.

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